Enya Belak

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VR Director: Enya Belak
VR Camera & Post-production: Igor Crnković

Ringside is Aerowaves’ Virtual Reality project which gathers a group of spectators together to watch performances followed by a Springback Q&A – a post-show talk with the artists conducted by a Springback writer.

Aerowaves VR initiative has been selected by Perform Europe, an EU-funded project which aims to rethink cross-border performing arts presentation in a more inclusive, sustainable and balanced way.

As a result of Perform Europe networking activity, Aerowaves and our partners in this initiative is presenting the VR recording of Igor and Moreno’s ‘Idiot-Syncrasy’.

Aerowaves Classics

‘Idiot-Syncrasy’ by Igor & Moreno (Italy)

The Springback Ringside presentation of ‘Idiot-Syncrasy’ by Igor & Moreno (Italy) is a new collaboration which sprang from the networking activity of Perform Europe. It kicks off Aerowaves Classics within the Springback Ringside catalogue. ‘Idiot-Syncrasy’ was first presented by Aerowaves in 2015.

RINGSIDE, a communal experience

Recording for Ringside simply places the two eyes of its 180º stereoscopic camera in the middle of the front row to film continuously everything in the performance that takes place in front of it. Those who watch the performance subsequently through VR headsets decide where to look – and even to dodge out of the way when things come close. The 3D is so compelling that the viewer can feel kinaesthetic empathy, the fundamental element of communication that defines dance performance.

At Aerowaves, Enya Belak and Igor Crnković (Pilot Media) together with some of our partners and artists are researching the possibilities of filming dance in Virtual Reality as a way of documenting work – as opposed to creating work specially for this technology. Far from trying to replace physical and live performance, the project is driven by the question: can we feel kinaesthetic empathy through VR?

Partners in this project are:
Igor & Moreno (Sardina, Italy), the Croatian Cultural Centre (Rijeka, Croatia), En-Knap Španski Borci Cultural Centre (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Tanec Praha (Prague, Czech Republic), SKCNS (Novi Sad, Serbia) and Workshop Foundation (Budapest, Hungary).

The works are only presented digitally through VR recordings. There are no live performances.


  • ‘BEAT ‘I just wish to feel you” by Jenna Jalonen (Hungary/Belgium)
  • ‘Babae’ by Joy Alpuerto Ritter (Germany)
  • ‘Ruins’ by Rhys Dennis & Waddah Sinada/Fubunation (UK)
  • ‘Roselyne’ by Cécile Da Costa (Czech Republic)
  • ‘The Lion’s Den’ by Sabina Bočková & Johana Pocková (Czech Republic)
  • ‘PLI’ by Viktor Černicky (Czech Republic)
  • ‘MASTERWORK’ by Emese Cuhorka & Csaba Molnár (Hungary)
  • ‘Things move but they do not say anything’ by Poliana Lima (Spain)
  • ‘Adriano ‘Gli Amanti’ by Adriano Bolognino/Anghiari Dance Hub (Italy)
  • ‘Al/She/Me’ by Linda Hayford – Inside Out Company (France)
  • ‘The Ephemeral Life of an Octopus’ by Léa Tirabasso (Luxembourg/UK)
  • ‘Idiot-Syncrasy’ by Igor & Moreno (Italy)
  • ‘Body Monologue’ by Anastasia Valsamaki (Greece)

Springback Ringside Behind the Scenes
Virtual Reality Filming & Screenings
from Aerowaves Archive

Aerowaves’ VR initiative
met its first audience in Rijeka
Tv report by MojaRijeka.hr/Damir Jevtić

Virtually there?
A ringside seat at Springback Ringside
by Sanjoy Roy, Springback Magazine