Enya Belak

[Stephanie Felber] CARNAL SCREEN

The filmed and the real merge in CARNAL SCREEN. 



Artistic Direction:
Stephanie Felber in collaboration with the

Performer: Eléonore Bovet, Nikos Konstantakis, Ludger Lamers, Angela Mössner
Music Composition: Christoph Reiserer
Video Installation: Patrik Thomas
Lighting Design: Lennart Rabe
Technical concept and set planning: Roland Wawoczny
Dramaturgical Advice: Julia Opitz
Video and Performance Dramaturg: Enya Belak
PR: Beate Zeller

The project is supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich. Stephanie Felber is a member of the Tanztendenz München e.V..The research phase was supported by the Finnish association TaikaBox.

World premiere: July 28, 2023
Further performances: July 29 + 30, 2023
Venue: schwere reiter
Country: Munich, Germany
Year of production: 2023


The choreographer and videographer Stephanie Felber sets herself and her team the task of interweaving film and theater on an equal footing in this production: both media coexistent on stage as live performance and images interact.

Through perceptible changes of muscle tone and rhythms of breath, the bodies of the performers negotiate their situation between holding and letting go, uncertainty and relaxation, as a state of tension prevails. The audience is invited to share in the suspense of this tension.

Extracts from press reviews

„Carnal Screen” is what it says, already in the title stretches the three-dimensional flesh with the flatness of a screen and consistently takes place in the time-space blur between them.
[ Sabine Leucht, Süddeutsche Zeitung]