Enya Belak


A series of vignettes of mundane daily lives severed by broken relationships.


Directed by Enya Belak
Produced and Co-Directed by Elif Knight
Production: Dirty Pink Films

Elif Knight | Des Carney | Jessica Boyde | Sara Corso | Jorge Suquet | Mark Parsons | Ananda Tordo | Clive Saunders | Vincent La Torre | Dylan Scott Smith


Camera Operated by Aadhar Gupta
Sound Recorded by Sam Bevitt
Edited by Enya Belak and Aadhar Gupta
Focus Pulled by Nick Galbusera
Board Clapped by Jordan Mihailovsky
Music by ‘Arms and Sleepers’
End Credit Song by Veronika Valdés
Special Thanks to Edward Cardiff for the Location
Dedicated to Jack Waltzer

London 2016


2 Days 10 Actors 9 Scenes 6 Takes per Scene

A showcase of a series of vignettes of broken relationships in the daily lives of people. Unresolved situations that are snapshots into pivotal moments of people’s lives, allowing the viewer to be a voyeur to such moments. The style was chosen in order to enhance the aesthetic of spontaneity and focus on the essence of the situation.

Dirty Pink Films

Sara & Ananda

Mark & Des

Elif & Dylan

Jess & Mark

Des & Ananda

Elif & Des

Vincent & Clive

Sara & Jorge

Jess & Elif