Enya Belak

RINGSIDE dance up close

Ringside is a brand new arena where spectacle in virtual reality meets live dance performance

Ringside Partners

Edvin Liveric, Croatia
Bridget Webster, Ireland
Frosso Trousa, Greece
Rui Torrinha, Portugal
Moreno Solinas and Igor Urzelai Hernando, Italy
John Ashford, Ringside Developer, UK

The VR team includes Enya Belak as Director, Slovenia/UK; and Igor Crnković for Filming and Postproduction, Croatia.



RINGSIDE dance up close

Ringside brings dance to distant communities where it has never been seen before, arriving in a single touring vehicle, and with no need for anything more than a circle of chairs.


This entire project is waiting on Creative Europe funding from the EU.


In collaboration with dance artists and our partners, we are exploring the possibilities of recording dance in virtual reality as a way to document works that is more accurate than classic flat-screen video recording. The result is immersive video that can also simulate a visit to a dance performance.

The performances are filmed in VR180, a stereoscopic technique that provides a viewing experience as close as possible to real life.

The process of translating dance performances to VR includes some adaptation, filming, and postproduction of recorded audio and visual material.