Enya Belak

[Leila McMillan]


Digital premiere 9th June 2021 6pm (UK) on BIDF/TV part of Birmingham International Dance Festival

Concept/Direction: Leila McMillan
Art Direction/Costume Design: Paolo Fiorentini
Sound: Domenico Angarano
Dance Artists: Karl Fagerlund Brekke and Rhyss Dennis
Rehearsal Director: Faith Prendergast
Creative Producer: Lia Prentaki
Visual Artist: Fipsi Seilern
Psychotherapist: Binah Taylor
Photographer: Manuel Vazquez
Digital Director: Enya Belak
Dramaturg: Eva Martinez
Zoom Technical Support: Petra Hanzlíková
Technical Operator: Michael Picknett
Camera Operator: Philip Reinking
Trailer: Enya Belak

*created in collaboration with the creative team.

This project has been possible by kind permission of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

Research took place in 2020 in residence at Dance4 International Centre for Choreography (Nottingham) and Centre 151 (London) 2020. Funded and supported by Arts Council England, Dance4, Centre 151 and Muxima.


Have you ever questioned your own sense of reality after a traumatic event? Was it me? Did it happen like I remember it? Was it manipulation? Based on lived experiences by choreographer Leila McMillan, curl of hair, dives deep into the soul-shattering landscape of duality and mixed emotions created by gaslighting and trauma. This duet is a snapshot of what crystallises when trauma sets in, a freeze-frame delving into how crisis feels both embodied and abstract.

This real-time online presentation created in collaboration with Digital Director, Enya Belak, incorporates live performance presented through a digital lens aiming to capture the fragmented experiences of trauma and recovery. Performed to an original sound composition by Domenico Angarano the work merges choreography with the drawings of visual artist Fipsi Seilern, and is broadcast out of a specially designed site curated by Art Director Paolo Fiorentini.

This work was created with support from psychotherapist Binah Taylor and contains mental health themes that some viewers might find triggering.

Leila McMillan