Enya Belak

[Jasmina Cibic | MGLC]
SPIELRAUM: Give Expression to Common Desires


Give Expression to Common Desires

Performance with two dancers and sculptures

Artist: Jasmina Cibic
Curator: Anna Gritz
Costume design: Sanja Grcić
Performers: Enya Belak, Tini Rozman
Producer: Marcela Okretič
Production: International Centre of Graphic Arts MGLC Ljubljana
Year of production: 2015


For the exhibition at MGLC Ljubljana, Cibic reconstructed a single isolated architectural element in the exhibition space: the multicoloured stained glass ceiling from the grand staircase of the former Palace of the Federation in Belgrade built in 1961 to house the first conference of the Non-Aligned Movement. This architectural pawn was paired with a group of sculptural elements that doubled as exhibition seating whose shapes derive from the same architectural programme conceived of for the city of Belgrade. Presented in a flexible arrangement, the sculptures doubled as scores when activated by occasional performers. In addition, Cibic presented a new film that was shot on the site of the previous chapter of Spielraum at the Ludwig Museum in Budapest. The film, scored by musician Simon Fisher Turner, makes use of the sculptural and decorative elements in the exhibition and

uses them as scenographic tools, as a semantic system that is acted out in fragments by performers across the galleries. Exhibition architecture and exhibited architecture are consciously confused, resulting in the architectures exhibiting each other.

For Spielraum – Give Expression to Common Desires, Jasmina Cibic focused more closely on the theatrical properties of the patriotic spectacle. Through re-envisioning representative architecture as an isolated element, suspended between backdrop, prop, theatrical set and sculpture, the exhibition invoked political enactments referencing protocol and ritual while reimagining them freed of the burden of context and political narrative.