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[IŠSP – Institute for housing and spatial studies] TOGETHER FOR HOUSING


A series of interviews delving into the impacts of housing cooperatives today

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IŠSP – Inštitut za študije stanovanj in prostora

Video: Enya Belak
Music: Marek Fakuč
Illustration: Predrag Milić

Marko Peterlin, Maja Simoneti, Miloš Kosec, Klemen Ploštajner, Anja Planišček, Črtomir Remec, Sašo Rink, Marko Funkl, Urška Breznik, Matic Primc, Kaja Fiedler, Brina Fekonja, Maja Pan, Simona Ratajc, Goran Šrok, Marta Satler, Uroš Mikanovič, Dora Kavčič, Jan Škrjanec, Tiva Vlaj, Anja Lazar, Rok Ramšak, Maša Hawlina

Special thanks:
Maja Hawlina, Carles Baiges Camprubí, Lea Čehovin, Ilj Pušnik, Hostel Pekarna

Produced within the framework of the project “For Housing Cooperatives”, which is supported by the Active Citizens Fund in Slovenia 2014-2021 (through the financial mechanisms of the EEA and Norway).

2022 Ljubljana, Slovenia


Increasing inaccessibility of housing results in higher violation of the right to adequate housing in Slovenia. The main reason is under-financed housing provision. The economic crisis approaching with the coronavirus epidemic will exacerbate the situation.

While rental housing cooperatives have proven to be a safe, modern and inclusive approach to providing affordable and quality housing, there are still none in Slovenia. The few existing initiatives face a number of obstacles such as the absence of support mechanisms and inadequate legislation. The development of a housing cooperative sector urgently needs professional advocacy.

Our main objective is to enable establishment of housing cooperatives in Slovenia and contribute toward a provision of affordable, safe and community-lead housing.

We will involve diverse stakeholders in the process: initiatives for housing cooperatives, NGOs, civil initiatives, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, municipalities and public housing funds, the general public, banks and financial funds. In the long run our indirect target groups, the younger adults and the elderly, are to benefit the most, as they are also the ones who are most exposed to the housing shortage and living in housing poverty.


Institute for housing and spatial studies aims to:

  • Develop a housing cooperative model for Slovenia through a participatory process, necessary for establishment of tangible cooperative projects and serves as the basis for advocacy.
  • Raise awareness, inform and activate the target groups on the field and through digital campaigns.
  • Position the NGO sectors as the promoter and advocate for housing cooperatives. We will systematically connect and strengthen the NGO sector through training and mentorship programs.
  • Contribute to the adoption of legislation and measures that will enable establishment of housing cooperatives through advocacy on the state and local level.

Based on the experience and strengths of each partner, we are able to comprehensively tackle the issue through collaboration. We are experienced in the fields of research, housing studies, advocacy, participatory processes, socially responsible communication, project management, monitoring, and administration.

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