Enya Belak

[Gregor Luštek | PTL]



Choreography: Gregor Luštek
Performing: Enya Belak, Maša Hawlina, Alex Kodek, Tini Rozman, Urša Rupnik, April Veselko, Eni Vesović
Produced by: PTL – Dance Theatre Ljubljana
Year of production: 2014


Gibberish is a recurring fictional language, used as an acting technique or as a tool for observing one’s own body in different emotional situations and conditions, enabling constant live presence of physical intention of the dancers on stage. In this process, an intuitive moment of the dancer is working, where instead of the body emerges the personality which via words can no longermake contact with the environment but needs a new, fictional language, based on intense physical level.

It is not so much about the process of choreographing as a search for situational bits, coexisting in space and time which through the fictional language (gibberish) enable to hear a movement, to listen to the body, to see a moment. When choreography begins to sound, the viewer no longer watches it, he begins to listen.