Enya Belak

[Eduardo Torroja | PTL]



Choreography: Eduardo Torroja
Dancers: Enya Belak, Saša Gorše, Anita Gregorec, Maša Hawlina, Alex Kodek, Eva Posedel, Tini Rozman, Urša Rupnik, April Veselko, Eni Vesović
Music: Thierry de Mey
Lighting and Costume design: PTL/Eduardo Torroja
Produced by: PTL – Dance Theatre Ljubljana
Year of production: 2014

Photo: Gašper Erjavec


Free composition is based on fragments of the energetic and physical vocabulary of the first two performances of the Ultima Vez group and Wim Vandekeybus.

It is about movement as a theatrical act, where instinct takes over and where trust is everything in this combative landscape that balances on the razor edge of attraction and repulsion. The intensity of the moments when you have no choice, when other things decide for you; like falling in love, or a moment before the accident that has to happen.