Enya Belak

Summer ReCollection Exhibition



Curator: Enya Belak
Research: Róisín O’Brien & Enya Belak
Content editor: Dany Mitzman
Video editor: María Alonso Araujo
Thank you: Igor Crnkovic, Clàudia Brufau Bonet, John Ashford and everyone who contributed their video materials for the exhibition

In collaboration with Springback Magazine

Selected works

  • WHY DANCE / concept by Enya Belak [ video ]
  • Aerowaves 25 years commissioned articles / edited by Róisín O’Brien [ print ]
  • Video works by Aerowaves Artists [ DVD format ]
  • Programme notes & Flyers from previous Spring Forward and Aerowaves events

Exhibition presented at Summer ReCollection

Hosted by Španski Borci

Summer ReCollection took place in Ljubljana (Slovenia) from 25 June to 27 June 2020


Summer ReCollection Exhibition
Aerowaves presented the print edition Springback Magazine Annual with ‘Aerowaves at 25’ supplement edited by Róisín O’Brien and a video installation that recollects a quarter of a century of dance across europe curated by Enya Belak.

Aerowaves is 25
Aerowaves at 25 is a series of commissioned pieces that reflect on Aerowaves at 25 years old and consider where the organisation might go next.

Rather than revisit the past, we’re marking the moment with a specially printed publication featuring new texts by contemporary Springback writers, intercut with snapshots from history.

25 texts, giving 25 views of Aerowaves, at 25.

Summer ReCollection
The celebrations of Aerowaves’ 25 years kicked off with a flash festival in Ljubljana from Friday 25 to Sunday 27 June 2021. A very significant place for Aerowaves since in Ljubljana we celebrated the first Spring Forward festival there ten years ago. The centre of the event was again with our partners EN-KNAP Productions at Španski Borci Cultural Centre with five other venues, indoors and out.

25 years of Aerowaves