Enya Belak


short dance film

If we just look at the location with first glance, we get the feeling of enxiety, determination and Fordist routined. Painted urban installation represents the mail source of inspiration and associations of repeating stiff and static movement material. It individual contributes an essential part as one of the links of the cain, but at the same time seperated from the rest. But at some point individuals decide to escape alienation, break this ridigity. They spet out of the box, symbolically taking off their gloves as a show of resistance. Their goal is to completle cross the border, which is of course more difficult than it seems. Looking away from the initial position is a difficult task, only a few can manage that. The rest meet again in apparent security of “conveyor belt”. (Eva Posedel)
Dance, choreography: Enya Belak, Veronika Valdés, Tini Rozman, Maša Hawlina, Tamara Polanc, Lene Lekše, Julija Magajna
Cinematography by: Sašo Štih
Support: Društvo Grad Teater Novo mesto, Zavod Vitkar, Študentska Organizacija Unverze v Ljubljani, Mestna občina Novo mesto, Javni sklad za kulturne dejavnosti Republike Slovenije.
Year of production: 2013