Enya Belak

[VR360° + LIVE]

Blue Ink is an innovative hybrid dance performance that combines live performance with a VR film, immersing the audience in a cutting-edge technological experience. The performance explores the themes of bureaucracy and border control, questioning the personal and political implications of these systems. Through this unique and thought-provoking performance, Blue Ink invites audiences to reflect on the complexities of the world around them.


Hybrid dance performance with VR headset

Creators of »Blue Ink«
Choreographer & Director: Enya Belak
VR Director: Enya Belak
Performers: Jerca Rožnik Novak, Gábor Ivanov

Artistic team:
Dramaturgy: Eva Posedel
Composition and Sound Design: Lou Barnell
Lighting Design: Janko Oven
Costume Design: Andrej Vrhovnik
Co-produced by: Flota, zavod, Murska Sobota, Plesni Teater Ljubljana
Supported by: Ministry of Culture and Municipality of Ljubljana
Thanks to: JSKD, Občina Ilirska Bistrica, Zavod Ivana Cankarja Vrhnika, SKICA

Stage360 Credits
Artistic director: Iztok Kovač
Camera and montage: Andrej Lamut
Technical coordinator of the project: Omar Ismail
Sound recording and processing: Studio 100
VR technology consulting: Marko Cafnik & Multiversum
Light adaptation: technical staff CK Španski borci
Executive production: Zala Česnik
Production: Zavod EN-KNAP
In collaboration with: Aerowaves dance network, DDTLab, Multiversum

This project is a part of a partnership network Platform Center for Creativity co-financed by European Union from European Regional Development Fund and by Republic of Slovenia.

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Stage360 – a social event in virtual reality

The Stage360 project, which was developed by EN-KNAP Productions during the pandemic lockdown, establishes a new type of production in a 360° environment and a live presentation in the form of a social event – a guided tour of performances with VR headsets.

At the event, each visitor is provided with their own set of VR glasses, headphones, and a swivel chair.


Blue Ink is a multigenre project that can be adapted to create unique experiences. It includes a dance performance for black box theaters, short dance films, a 360° VR film, and a hybrid version that combines live and VR experiences.

The hybrid dance performance Blue Ink, which combines film in virtual reality and live performance, raises questions about the absurdity and limitations of bureaucracy. Blue Ink reflects the current social and political imbalance and deals with personal, physical, and spatial borders. Thanks to VR technology, the audience will be able to experience an impressive visual experience: in the interplay of digital and analogue reality, viewers are immersed in a virtual world while also physically experiencing the performance in the space.

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On Stage360, through VR goggles, a dance composition is being followed, which is preserving the original choreography, but adapts to the circular recording surface of the 360 camera; and only once, for an experiment or fun, did the dancing giants fly over the audience from one side of the recording surface to the other. Stage360 places the dancers front and centre, requiring not only technical skill but also convincing concentration, clear gestures, and readable facial expressions – akin to film acting. Jerca Rožnik Novak and Gábor Ivanov convinced with their virtual performance, and the choreography proved to be a good transfer of stage work to Stage360.
[Daliborka Podboj, Parada plesa]

The view of everyone seated in the room is identical, conditioned by where the 360-degree camera was placed during filming. Although we have the ability to turn our chairs and look away from the action, the sound leads us to search for bodies with our eyes.
[Ana Lorger, Front@ Festival]