Enya Belak

[The Place]
How Can We Care For Each Other?


How Can We Care For Each Other? is a festival of online works that explore care as we embark on a new year.

Produced by The Place
Online Broadcast Manager: Enya Belak

Live Streamed online on ZOOM and The Place platform from London, UK

The festival features audio works, dance films, a live online interactive performance and a movement workshop.



The works in this festival were selected through an open call by a panel made up of students, academics, artists and other arts organisations alongside our public programmes team, who felt they conveyed how dance and care can be used to bridge the spaces between us as we move through this period of global and societal change. If movement is a universal language then we offer these works as examples of how we can use that movement to look after ourselves, our neighbours, and those currently out of reach.

Drawing lessons from 2020, this programme explores how we care for each other through artistic and creative responses, hoping it helps sustain and support us through the challenges ahead as we move into the new year.

In a touching and inspiring weekend of audio works, panel discussions, films, a Zoom workshop and live performance, dance artists respond to how we care for each other. The Place’s mini-digital festival is a timely reconsideration of care following the year we’ve just had. Has the pandemic made us more caring or less? Is self-care indulgent or essential in order to care for others? Can we care too much or too little and how do we express care?
[Josephine Leask, Dance Tabs]