Enya Belak

[Kaja Teržan]



Concept and performance: Kaja Teržan
Video, set design, graphic design: Enya Belak
Music: Iztok Drabik Jug
Light design: Hotimir Knific
Co-production: Španski Borci
Year of production: 2014


A river delta is defined by water, which on physical and symbolical/archetypical levels comes across as a field for reflection and/or identification of men.

Or, as Bruce Lee said: : „…be water, my friend.“

At the same time, water is also – in itself – a means of transport. It enables transfer of (nutritional) substances through a human body or our planet. In the delta, the importance of water is even more obvious. A delta thus appears to be a space for uptake, a transition from the solid matter of the land into the soft undulation of the sea that reminds us of time, the distance traveled to reaching the estuary and of the force of transformation of all layered life material as well as of endless possibilities for identification.