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[Dragičević & Martin Sonderkamp | CoFestival]


Extensions #1

Workshop & Presentation at CoFestival

Concept by Darko Dragičević & Martin Sonderkamp


Gallery Tobačna 001
28.11- 2.12.2016, 10:00-16:00

Presentation of the workshop
Gallery Tobačna 001
4.12.2016, 19:00

Organised by Kino Šiška in NDA.


The workshop proposes the sharing of methods visual artist Dragicevic and dancer and choreographer Sonderkamp used during the creation process of their performance Approximations. Their work is motivated by questioning whether space can become an auteur in itself. The work explores concepts of space and body in which materiality plays a major role and where space does not only appear as material space but as well as a social and political space in which specific bodily and spatial properties and the arrangement of material things have an influence on the capacity to act and co-exist.

This process investigates the conditions under which space and bodies are conceived, exploring how spaces unfold towards an inside and how bodies affect a spatial outside. Each performance leaves its distinct marks in space; each consecutive performance uses the preceding one as a starting point and superimposes new layers of marks and traces.