Enya Belak


Blue Ink is a live dance duet that questions the limitations of bureaucracy and its impact on human experience, particularly in relation to borders and personal boundaries. 


Blue Ink is a multigenre project researching and exploring the absurdity of bureaucracy through different languages and hybrid forms such as dance, film, photography and VR.

Choreographed and Directed by: Enya Belak
Co-creation and dance: Jerca Rožnik Novak & Gábor Ivanov
Dramaturgy: Eva Posedel
Sound Design & Composition: Lou Barnell
Director of Photography: Aadhar Dmt
Lighting Desing: Janko Oven
Costume Design: Andrej Vrhovnik
Produced by: Flota Ljubljana, Flota, zavod, Murska Sobota
Co-produced by: PTL – Plesni Teater Ljubljana / Dance Theatre Ljubljana
Supported by the Ministry of Culture and Municipality of Ljubljana
Thanks to: JSKD, Občina Ilirska Bistrica, Zavod Ivana Cankarja Vrhnika, SKICA

Slovenia/Austria/Hungary/United Kingdom © 2018

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Blue Ink is a multigenre project that can be adapted to create unique experiences. It includes a dance performance for black box theaters, short dance films, a 360° VR film, and a hybrid version that combines live and VR experiences.

Blue Ink questions the idea of borders and absurdity of bureaucracy, which ties beings in the space between. It is a reflection of a current personal and political imbalance. A state on unknown, unworthiness, fear, isolation, fragility and power. Blue Ink addresses the topic of borders; spatial, physical and personal. It focuses on the bureaucratic complications that shape the human present.

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Extracts from press reviews

The choreographer Enya Belak Gupta contemporarily outlined the dance language with her Blue Ink, and her choreography was maturely as well as thoughtfully embedded in the theatre space which the co-creators and dancers, Jerca Rožnik Novak and Gábor Ivanov, upgraded with their own movement.
[Daliborka Podboj, Parada plesa]

Through some interesting performing ideas, the choreographer Enya Belak Gupta and co-creators Jerca Rožnik Novak and Gábor Ivanov in the show Blue Ink present the processes which we usually associate with bureaucracy. One of the processes, the scanning process, was shown through an excellent scene when Gábor on Jerca’s shoulders slowly moves along the wall. [Maša Radi, Koridor – križišča umetnosti]

 Jerca Rožnik Novak and Gábor Ivanov convinced with their virtual performance, and the choreography proved to be a good transfer of stage work to Stage360.
[Daliborka Podboj, Parada plesa]