Enya Belak

Spring Forward 2020 / The show must go on-line


Spring Forward 2020 was supposed to take place in Rijeka and Opatija hosted by the Croatian Cultural Centre, however due to the Covid-19 crisis it became a virtual experience over 3 days of live streaming through Zoom.

Produced by Aerowaves
Co-produced by HKD – Croatian Cultural Centre
Online Broadcast Director & Multimedia Content Producer: Enya Belak

Live Streamed online on ZOOM from Rijeka, Croatia

This year’s festival went completely online through Zoom, from 24-26 April 2020, the dates when it would have taken place in Rijeka and Opatija, Croatia. We welcomed 1400 people from 74 different countries!



MEET your friends at Europe’s biggest dance watch party – live!

DISCOVER historic Rijeka and glamorous Opatija guided from venue to venue by your amiable host Edvin

WATCH all full-length performances as originally planned – plus a bonus extra!

ZOOM in and join the discussions live with the artists and Springback writers after every performance

SEE YOU at Spring Forward 24-26 April morning, noon and night!


During the 900 minutes on Zoom our guests tuned in to watch full-length performances, visit the venues and learn interesting facts about Rijeka and Opatija guided by the one and only Edvin Liverić. They were able to interact with the artists in the Springback Q&A, follow Giuliana Majo’s tasty exercises, participate in a poll dance, meet in The Foyer and dance their socks off at the post-show party.

In addition to the screened performances of all the Twenty20, we also showcased ‘A complementary set Disappearing with an Impact’ by The Choi x Kang Project – as part of our Asia Exchange programme – and ‘Graces’ by the Silvia Gribaudi Company. The artists also participated in the post-show interviews.

Being able to stay in touch with this network throughout the year, whether it be through social media or in person at other events supported by Aerowaves, has been a great source of inspiration and motivation…
[Emily May, Flash Art]