Enya Belak

[Voice of Aiko]


Concept and Editing by Enya Belak
Animation by Simina Popescu
Footage from the film ‘Calais Children: A Case to Answer’. (UK 62 min) Directed by Sue Clayton.

Music by Calista Kazuko, Samim Winiger, Miguel Toro & Jack Brown

‘W.A.D.E.’ was made in collaboration with Sue Clayton and the ‘Calais Children’ charity which supports the young people in the film and others who continue to suffer.

Sue Clayton, Calais Children, Terry Adams and Arts Council England, Fred Claridge and Let’s All Create, Varsha Baburam and Migrant Help, Susan Balmer and Happy Baby Community, Charlène Jollivet and Young Roots, Angie Murphy and Samphire, Razia Sharif and KRAN, Dreis Lenteja and Astor Hostels, Philip Reinking and Lorraine Solomons.

London 2019


Voice of Aiko is a creative collective of top musicians, filmmakers and artists joining forces to campaign for change – an artistic army on a mission!

W.A.D.E. is inspired by Sue Clayton’s extraordinary film and live campaign ‘Calais Children: A Case to Answer’. This compelling 62-minute film follows the scandal of what happened to the almost 2000 lone children who were in the Calais Jungle as it burned down in 2016 – most of whom had a legal case to be in the UK. Sue’s film ‘Calais Children’ recently served as evidence in the High Court for a Judicial Review case against the Home Office.

In collaboration with leading charities, W.A.D.E. includes the creation and release of new awe-inspiring, commissioned art and hands on help with artistic workshops. These workshops took place in various places across the UK, creating uplifting art with refugee children, mothers and babies and families.

Like birds, we are all immigrating to different places. Sometimes for a better education, or to seek more work opportunities, for love, new experiences and discoveries… and sometimes for survival. [Enya Belak]