Enya Belak



Directed & Concept by Enya Belak
Production Company: Honeybee Films Ltd
Director of Photography & Steadicam: Aleš Belak
Starring Nina Mulej & Siddharta
Produced by Annabel Bates
Co-production: Steadicam Aleš Belak s.p.
/ Sabina & Aleš Belak
Edited by Enya Belak & Philip Reinking
Production Designer: Katarina Riznar
Production Designer Assistant: Jernej Orhini
Costume Designer: Andrej Vrhovnik
Make-up Designer: Martina Borščak
Make-up Assistant: Tina Švajger
First Assistant Camera and Camera B: Marko Hutter
Best Boys: Luka Belak & Simon Dimnik
Drone: Dinamik / Anže Mulej & Ciril Zupan
Colour Correction: Teleking, Ljubljana
Colourist: Fran Sokolić
Behind the Scenes: Gašper Pintarič
Roadies: SDDH Crew
Location: Mapri Proasfalt d.o.o. / Podpeč
Rental Company: MB GRIP

Aadhar Gupta, Marjanca Cvenkel, Jure Fras, Blaž Jelnikar, Calista Kazuko, Zoran Mihailović, Mina in Ćupko, Elena Osipova, Milan Prebil, Renata in Iztok Mulej, Dan Pryor, Emil Svetlik, Obsession/Obsešen

A very special thanks for an extraordinary support with filming: Marko Kočevar

A very special thanks: Primož Petrič / Mapri Proasfalt d.o.o.

Ljubljana © Honeybee Films Ltd 2018


Today the biggest name on Slovenia’s music scene, Siddharta was formed in 1995, when four friends – Tomi M. (vocals, guitar), Primož B. (guitar, back vocals), Primož M. (bass) and Boštjan M. (drums) – got together and named themselves after a well-known book by Hermann Hesse because they liked the sound of it. Soon they started developing their own sound. They wanted it to be different – they enriched it with the saxophone and keyboards. Cene R. joined the band on sax and a while later Tomaž O. R. on keyboards. Together they developed their own sound, a sound they like to call Siddharta sound. Even before their first album was released one could get a taste of Siddharta sound in a project by RTV Slovenia and Studio Tivoli – Siddharta had been chosen among many promising Slovenian bands and ranked first on the Tivolski Pomp compilation.