Enya Belak


In S P A C E between, Enya explores the idea of meeting a stranger through an intimate space without words, without seeing each other. Inspired by the photographic sequence ‘Chance Encounter’ by Duane Michals.


Multi-genre visual storytelling project:
Photography & Performance experiment

S P A C E  between. touch. body. movement. wandering. senses. strangers. look. silence.

Photographic series & Concept by Enya Belak
Video documentation: Aadhar Gupta
Light & Video Assistant: Jackie Read

The development of  S P A C E between started during my studies at the Goldsmiths University of London.


Carolina Ravaioli – Nancy Ofori Geywu
Lefteris Parasyris – Michelle Rose
Katy Jane Higgins – Lara Sawalha
Alex Mill – Roseanna Frascona

Performers in the live experiment:
Jerca Rožnik Novak & Strangers

Special Thanks
Goldsmiths University of London, Aadhar Gupta, Sabina Belak, Darja Peterca, Jackie Read, Jasmina Založnik


Leman Locke
#SpaceBetween photography exhibition
05.03.18 – 02.04.2018 London, UK

The opening exhibition of twenty six photographic works took place in March 2018 in Leman Locke, London.

Media Nox Gallery
#SpaceBetween performance and a photography and video exhibition | Festival Opening
29.08.18 – 02.09.2018 Maribor, Slovenia

S P A C E between. // IN session


INTIMACY. Each relationship is built up with our own space around us. Everything is just an energy which indicates the bond between us. It is very interesting to observe how your relationship is based on the very first feeling – experience and most of the time words are irrelevant. They are not even important.

In S P A C E between I was exploring the idea of meeting a stranger through a personal/intimate space without words, without seeing each other. There is just an empty space, body and energy which indicates the relationship between beings and makes us move or dance with each other.

S P A C E between is everything and everywhere. It could be measured in the pause, in the number, silence or something you cannot really define. It works as an energy, some sort of force and it lead us to explore everything around and beyond. It makes you curious, it moves you, it gives you a power. Everything is possible.

I wanted to catch both of the strangers perspectives. The duality of the image and moment. I wanted to show the intimacy, the fragility and the emotions. Sharpness and softness. Breathing. Sharing. Closeness. Distance. Collapse. A drive. Bond.
A smile.