Enya Belak


dance miniature & graduation thesis
Concept, Choreography & Performed by: Enya Belak
Production: RADIATOR
Year of production: 2015


  • International competition of young dance performers Opus 1 –JSKD award for the best concept

The aim of the thesis is to study the relationship between visual and dance material, through which I am going to develop a personal system of writing down my choreography XY Line Z.  In the theoretical part, I analyzed and compared the already known and established practices of visual notation. I discovered various methods and principles of dance notation, which were mostly developed on an individual level by artists who used them for their own interpretations. The study which contains sketches and drawings of visual notation was the starting point for further practical work and research. I was also interested in the views of other artists, not only choreographers, and in their notation of artistic work. While exploring the intertwining of the two media, I recorded my own research and observations in visual diary which was the base for the creation of a choreographic handbook for expression of your own movement formations through visual imagery.