Enya Belak


A series of vignettes of mundane daily lives severed by broken relationships
2 Days 10 Actors 9 Scenes 6 Takes per Scene
A showcase of a series of vignettes of broken relationships in the daily lives of people. Unresolved situations that are snapshots into pivotal moments of people’s lives, allowing the viewer to be a voyeur to such moments. The style was chosen in order to enhance the aesthetic of spontaneity and focus on the essence of the situation.
WATCH SCENES: http://www.dirtypinkfilms.com/watch-tales-from-the-city/

Actors: Elif Knight | Des Carney | Jessica Boyde | Sara Corso | Jorge Suquet | Mark Parsons | Ananda Tordo | Clive Saunders | Vincent La Torre | Dylan Scott Smith
Directed by Enya Belak | Produced and Co-Directed by Elif Knight | Camera Operated by Aadhar Gupta | Sound Recorded by Sam Bevitt | Edited by Enya Belak and Aadhar Gupta | Focus Pulled by Nick Galbusera | Board Clapped by Jordan Mihailovsky | Music by ‘Arms and Sleepers’ | End Credit Song by Veronika Valdés | Special Thanks to Edward Cardiff for the Location |
London 2016