Enya Belak


dance performance

Within five years the Internet has succeeded in attracting fifty million users. It took television thirteen years to achieve the same feat. Social network users will spend ten percent of their lives on Facebook and Twitter. It is a mere handful of people that control the entire webspace. Almost all human needs can be satisfied over the Internet. But the worldwide computer network also has its drawbacks. Apart from the strict supervision exercised over us which we are powerless to control, we are also losing personal contact with our fellow humans. The show focuses on social networks and virtual realities. What will the future of virtual existence be? What if the Internet collapses? Will Chaos reign? Follow:  www.facebook.com/profilinkazen


Concept, choreography, dance: Enya Belak, Veronika Valdés
Dramaturgy: Andreja Kopač
Music: Alja Zore, Jonas Žabkar
Set design: Sabina Belak
Costume design: Andrej Vrhovnik
Lighting design: Janko Oven
Video, design: Enya Belak
Photography, video: Jani Peternelj
Production: Flota
Co-production: Cankarjev dom
Supported by: Mestna občina Ljubljana
Year of production: 2014
Foto: Jani Peternelj