Enya Belak

MORALITY IS BY ITSELF I’m going on foot …

dance performance


Author and choreographer: Branko Potočan
Original music: Marko Brdnik
Lighting design: Tomaž Štrucl
Dramaturgy: Andreja Kopač
Dancers: Tini Rozman, Tamara Polanc, Tajda Podobnik, Maša Hawlina, Mija Pungeršič, Marja Koren, Barbara Šamperl, Tina Cerk
Video: Enya Belak
Production: VITKAR zavod
Executive producer: Mojca Ulaga
Program VITKAR zavoda finančno podpira  Mestna občina Ljubljana – oddelek za kulturo
Year of production: 2015
Two worlds, the world of the physically challenged and the world of the physically unchallenged, live physically separate lives in every society, but they are integral parts of the same attitude to the world, which is manifested through the attitude towards the body. Through various dance-theatre situations, conventions are simultaneously emerging and breaking. We mostly set and implement them ourselves, primarily on our body, and then on another’s body and on everything that we don’t know, that is alien to us. Human vanity knows no limits, warmth and aggression come in waves, revealing our concealed side that we try to hide under our “coats” of hypocrisy, repellency, false morality. The basis of the performance Morality is by itself is body in motion, to which we behave equally arrogant as to the world in which we live. On the other side of our relation to the body lies destruction – towards each and every one. What are you going to do? Help yourself, and …