Enya Belak


short film

(Narrative film) Dreams: horror, traumatic, stressful… Feelings that I experience through the nightmare are the visual images that trigger associations in viewers, tell a story and try to initiate reflection and subconsciously recall traumatic feelings that are physically marked and personalized. The film is a kind of experiment with the atmosphere of tension and paranoia in the individual awakens a feeling that they suffer mentally and physically in a horizontal position.
Director, Director of photography, Performer, Editing, Scenario, Producer: Enya Belak
Music: Jocelyne Pook (The dream), The Horrors (Train roars)
Year of production: 2012


  • Festival of independent film, Domžale – award for best picture
  • Posnemi v gibanju, En-knap, Španski borci, Ljubljana
  • 26. European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück, Germany
  • Films in Kapu, Linz, Austria
  • Festival Korpus, Plesni forum Celje
  • Faludi International Youth Film Festival, Budapest, Hungary
  • FILOFEST, Ljubljana
  • Festival Iskre, Ljubljana
  • Festival TRAKULJA, Cerkno
  • Festival Rdeči revirji, Hrastnik