Enya Belak


dance performance

Addiction. The truth. Intoxication. Hallucination. Ecstasy. Feelings. Dreams. Misconception. The story follows associative logics and metaphors. The play of light. DRAGON. A little girl plays with a dragon, has him slide over the sky in a free, playful and happy spirit. In a timeless spirit. I am looking for a reason to move away from this world/a reason to escape into dreams/a reason to die. The perspective of the spectator. Collage. Withdrawal into dreams/withdrawal from this world. Misery/decay/pain/mirror of contemporary society. Delusion. Society. Not ignorant, but accepting in a passive and cold manner. One cannot run forever. It ends at one point. The consolation we look for by strengthening the fragility of our BEING is only temporary. Just as temporary as we are. The perspective of a sensitive man. MOVEMENT. Emanates from internal emotions. It’s not beautiful. It’s not ugly. Every person is responsible for himself/others. Silence. Memory and tears. A smile. And I AM FLYING.


Concept, choreography, dance, video, design: Enya Belak
Dramaturgy: Andreja Kopač
Animation: Nuša Jurjevič
Music: Uroš Buh
Set design: Sabina Belak
Costume design: Andrej Vrhovnik
Lighting design: Janko Oven
Photography: Sunčan Stone
Production: Zavod Federacija Ljubljana
Co-production: Zavod EN-KNAP, Bunker, Ljubljana
Supported by: Mestna občina Ljubljana, Ministrstvo za kulturo RS
Year of production: 2014   Presentation of work


  • OPUS 1: Work in progress, Plesni forum Celje, Co-production: JSKD
  • SPARKS: Enable Cookies (an evening of dance solos), Work in progress, Stara mestna elektrarna, Co-production: Bunker, Ljubljana
  • PITCHING: Work in progress, 6th Plesna Nacionala, Španski borci