Enya Belak

Veronika Valdés: A DAY AFTER

Video for performance and short film A day after 0.2 & A day after 0.3

A day after 0.2

A day after 0.3

Choreographic debut by Veronika Valdés.

The bare truth is, that is it not only good for people to be afraid sometimes, but it is essential for the progress of society, that they are afraid often.
(George Bernard Shaw)
An average person is seldom met with a situation which puts his life and existence in direct threat. Fear, however, nonetheless controls human existence in the world. Even in the case of primal fear for one’s life, instinctive reactions can be inhibited and controlled through common sense reactions and rational choices of our behavior. Fear is unpleasant, but life without it is impossible. We fear loneliness, old age, loss of physical strength and beauty; we fear the proximity of other people; we are afraid to sincerely show our feelings, afraid that someone will betray or use us. We fear change and want to keep things exactly as they are. An animal in danger runs away, attacks, or stiffens. A person in danger runs away, attacks, stiffens, and screams.
The day after makes all the difference – or – does it? Is there one?


Directed by: Enya Belak
Director of photography: Sašo Štih
Performer: Veronika Valdés
Editing: Enya Belak, Sašo Štih
Scenario: Enya Belak
Sound: Beno Novak
Producer: Dance Theatre Ljubljana
Year of production: 2012


  • Posnemi v gibanju, En-knap, Španski borci, Ljubljana
  • WAM! Boston Film Festival, Boston, USA
  • Films in Kapu, Linz, Austria
  • Faludi International Youth Film Festival, Budapest, Hungary
  • FILOFEST, Ljubljana
  • Festival Iskre, Ljubljana
  • Festival TRAKULJA, Cerkno