Enya Belak


dance performance



Idea: Jan Rozman
Dancers: Alja Ferjan, Jan Rozman
Costumes and light design: Petra Veber
Teaser: Enya Belak
Production: Pekinpah Kink Kong
Year of production: 2015
Senzasenso is a place, with no meaning.
Senzasenso is a state of restlessness, leading nowhere.
Senzasenso is a bad idea gone worse.
Senzasenso is a thought falling apart.
Senzasenso is not a vision of the new world.
Senzasenso is a moment when I lose control.
Senzasenso is a performance about madness.
In his newest work Jan Rozman together with a dancer Alja Ferjan transform stage landscape into a living organism and create a new world, dangerously similar to reality. Their dance curses the mad world and at the same time worships it, in a spiral of searching for the meaning, in searching for a place where a human being can find his or her place.
The performance combines elements of dance, performance and live set design in two closely connected parts.