Enya Belak

[Calista Kazuko]


Directed & Concept by Enya Belak
Original idea by Calista Kazuko
Starring CJ Boyd, Vittorio Orhini, Isabella Orhini & Calista Kazuko

Produced by Enya Belak
Co-produced by Calista Georget
Director of Photography & MoVi Operator: Philip Reinking
1st AD: Tom Linton
1st AC: Nick Galbusera
2nd AC / B Camera / Kids motivator & Fun creator:
Aadhar Gupta
Hair & Make-Up: Yen Voang
Styling: House of Kiyote / George Alexander Thompson
Wardrobe: Velvet Eccentric (EMPRESS Collar)
Edited by Enya Belak
Finishing Editors: Tom Linton & Philip Reinking
Color Correction: Fran Sokolić, Teleking, Ljubljana
Shot at The Oxford Yurt (Oxfordshire Countryside)
with huge thanks to Sarah Lay & Guy Dagul.

Written by Calista Kazuko
Produced by Guy Dagul & Calista Kazuko
Recorded at The Rattle & Benson Studios
Mixed & Mastered by Ben Beheshty
Piano & Vocals – Calista Kazuko
String Quartet – Natalia Bonner, Anthony Lewis, Chika Robertson & Calista Kazuko

London, 2019


All people deserve to be treated equally. And yet, transgender people all over the world face discrimination. 

‘Ode to Genevieve’ is the second release from the EMPRESS album campaign.

Calista’s debut studio album ‘Empress’ was released on the 15th November 2019 and dedicated to her father the late, great violinist Professor Paul Robertson. A massive inspiration to Calista the album was released to honour his birthday.

A singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist known for cinematic genre-bending and controversial boundary-pushing, Calista studied classical/jazz piano and composition at London’s Royal Academy of Music, and has since been performing and winning fans across the world with her dynamic voice and captivating songs.