Enya Belak

[Calista Kazuko]
Come to Mama


‘Come to Mama’ launches the EMPRESS album campaign.

Film by Philip Reinking and Tom Linton

‘Come to Mama’
Written & performed by Calista Kazuko
Produced by Guy Dagul & Calista Kazuko
Recorded at the Rattle Studios & Benson Studios
Mixed & Mastered by Ben Beheshty
Piano & Vocals – Calista Kazuko
Drums – Fred Claridge
Bass – Sam Weston
Strings – Natalia Bonner, Anthony Lewis, Chika Robertson & Calista Kazuko
Woodwind – Daniel Woodfield
BVs – Calista Kazuko & Fred Claridge

With mammoth heartfelt thanks to TEAM EMPRESS!! ?
Team Empress are grateful to be supported by Help Musicians & Do it Differently.



Directors: Philip Reinking & Thomas Linton
Cinematography : Philip Reinking
Editors: Philip Reinking & Thomas Linton
Producers: Thomas Linton, Philip Reinking, Calista Georget
Executive Producers: Calista Georget, Philip Reinking
Starring: Calista Kazuko, Chika Robertson, Evan Watkinson, Andy Basquiat, Aadhar Gupta
Choreography & AD: Enya Belak
Styling: George Thompson
Hair & Make-Up: Fanny Burgos
Camera Assistant: Aadhar Gupta
BTS & Stills Photos: Enya Belak

Shot at Blundell Street Studios with huge thanks to Massimo Filippi

Stylist: @houseofkiyote
Fashion design: @magdeleneceleste
Jewellery & headpieces: @velveteccentric
Menswear & black gown: @Jitrois with special thanks to Jay, Gilbert & Luis
Gold Empress skirt & gloves: @houseofkiyote